We are commited to be a carbon negative pool, meaning that we offset our carbon footprint to 200%. A typical tree can absorb around 21 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

LEND Pool website

We calculate the carbon footprint of our website using and offsset it to 200% by planting trees. Currently we estimate emissions of approximately 11 kg of CO2 per year for running this website.

LEND Pool servers

Similarly, we calculate the carbon footprint of our servers and also offset it. Our servers run in the cloud, some with 100% green energy, others with a mixture. Currently we estimate emissions of approximately 80 kg of CO2 per year for running our servers.


In the last 20 years, approximately 300.000 hectares of native forest in Chile have been burned.

When ecosystems thrive, the planet thrives. Trees are just the beginning.

We partner to Reforestemos Foundation. They carry out massive reforestations in national parks and reserves and on surfaces intended for conservation. In the first case, the National Forest Corporation (CONAF) is their main partner. Reforestation areas are identified, as well as the species to be planted and the type of protection that must be carried out according to the location.

Our contribution can be seen at the LEND Pool Forest and the physical location of each tree below.

August 2021

Location of trees

October 2021

February 2022

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