Staking more than 200.000 ADAs?

For our delegators

We are airdropping random NFTs, including Ada Punkz and Cardano Kidz. Additionally, we will airdrop random ADA and WMT (World Mobile Token) to our delegators. At the moment, this is a weekly raffle. At some point, the amount you stake and your loyalty will be especially rewarded.

Additional coins/tokens on request

Just reach me out on Twitter.

Thank you!

You will get this exclusive $THANK you Cardano coin.

Pigy tokens

When you delegate to LEND Pool, you may get Pigy tokens. Dubbed as the Dogecoinkiller, PigyToken is a Cardano based cryptocurrency distributed by SPO (stake pool operators) as additional rewards to delegators.

Hosky tokens

“The PREMIERE low-quality s#!t coin doggo meme token, exclusively on the Cardano Ecosystem. We are THE s#!t, we are NOT s#!t.”

SUNDAE (SundaeSwap)

LEND Poool delegators who staked before February 24h will be rewarded with SUNDAE token. Participants are rewarded for delegating ADA to Single Pool Operators who received at least one vote (such as LEND Pool) in the original ISO/Scooper vote.

Reverse ISO rewards will be available without additional fee through SundaeSwap later this year.

Stake with LEND POOL

You earn. We lend.


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