You earn. We lend.

We are the first Cardano pool "staking" 100% of our rewards on Kiva.

We keep all our operating fees + delegation rewards for 3 months on for lending to entrepreneurs, unbanked people, and those in need, while you earn consistent staking rewards backed by the reliable and secure infrastructure of the LEND Pool. Kiva is a microlending platform allowing us to cycle our awards and create a real impact across the world.

Our goal is to reach USD 100.000 in loans to people in need.

Just by delegating to LEND Pool, you are helping us to reach this goal.

Goal: 100.000 USD lent on Kiva

Our pool in numbers

What differentiates LEND Pool

We share the Cardano vision of bringing “a new standard in technology – open and inclusive – to challenge the old and activate a new age of sustainable, globally-distributed innovation.”

We lock all the LEND Pool rewards in for lending for 3 months. We receive no interest and we absorb the risk of no repayment.

We calculate the carbon footprint of our servers and website and offset it to 200% by planting trees.

We secure the Cardano network from Chile.

South America is one of the regions with fewer validating nodes of all the Cardano network.

You get additional rewards!

We have a program of rewards featuring ADA, WMT, and quality NFTs.

You can get immediately a Chilled Kong just for delegating with us. We randomly airdrop WMT, ADA, Cardano Kidz and Ada Punkz NFTs to our loyal delegators.

LEND Pool features

High staking rewards

With LEND Pool you can expect 4-6% annual percentage yield (APY) or return on stake for delegating your Cardano (ADA)

Competitive fees

LEND Pool charges the minimum of 340 ADAs per epoch + a competitive 4.5% fee

High pledge

A high ₳150.000 pledge demonstrates commitment to the project

LEND Pool details

Ticker: LEND
Pool ID: 664730a4d85918a7d8574df549135228508072916d95cbc0ecd9ac67 LEND Pool
Pledge: ₳150.000
Fixed cost: ₳340
Pool margin: 4.5%

Stake with LEND POOL

You earn. We lend.


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